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Kotor, Montenegro

Heading to Ulcinj, we stayed in Kotor only for the morning coffee. We spent there only about an hour wandering about narrow streets in the Old Town.
In 1979 Kotor has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
This place is not only beautiful, but it also has its specific atmosphere. The day before we visited Dubrovnik in Croatia. In my opinion, even though Dubrovnik is a great attraction, the less crowded and worse renovated Kotor has something special in it, that mad us relaxed and happy. Or maybe it’s simply this morning laziness of waking up city and smell of fresh coffee which puts us in this mood.

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Ada Bojana, Montenegro

Ada Bojana is an island located on Montenegro’s border with Albania. When we got there, a sign over the road “Nudistički centar” (Nudists center) was a big surprise. Usually at this point I put a photograph referring to the subject. Well, this time I won’t do that. Ubiquity of nudity can be observed not only on the beach but also at camping, terraces of houses, on the streets and in shops. I would feel uncomfortable taking pictures there.
Small part of beach at the western end of the island, where the river Bojana flows into the Adriatic Sea, is not for nudist.

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