Ada Bojana, Montenegro

Ada Bojana is an island located on Montenegro’s border with Albania. When we got there, a sign over the road “Nudistički centar” (Nudists center) was a big surprise. Usually at this point I put a photograph referring to the subject. Well, this time I won’t do that. Ubiquity of nudity can be observed not only on the beach but also at camping, terraces of houses, on the streets and in shops. I would feel uncomfortable taking pictures there.
Small part of beach at the western end of the island, where the river Bojana flows into the Adriatic Sea, is not for nudist.

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Bosnia and Hercegowina, Una National Park

The Balkans journey

In 2013 we went to three weeks journey around the Balkans. No turists and wonderful views – that’s what we usually are looking for during our journeys. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, near to Croatian Plitvice, only one day trip from Poland we found very quiet place: Una National Park.
We have stayed at Villa Buk guesthouse and for two days we were sightseeing. What is worth seeing? That’s what I want to tell you in the next part.

Štrbački Buk waterfalls on the Una River

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Strbacki Buk waterfall on Una river. Piotr Trochimiuk 2013
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Strbacki Buk waterfall on the Una River. Piotr Trochimiuk 2013

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